Southern California Nevada Conference United Church of Christ


With the cancellation of the Spring Meeting, our usual semi-annual reports were not distributed as is our tradition. We promised at our special meeting in July to make those reports available forthwith. You will find these reports now.

Treasurer’s Report – August 2020



Eastern Association Bylaws (Amended 5 November 2016)


The Committee on Church and Ministry

‘One of the biggest ways we support our local churches is through the work of our Committee on Church and Ministry, often called a Committee on Ministry in other parts of the United Church of Christ. The Committee on Church and Ministry in the Eastern Association is divided into three subcommittees:

Section A of the Committee has the responsibility of discerning with those considering ordained ministry or serving as a minister in the United Church of Christ as well as discerning with local churches considering covenanting with (becoming a local church in) the United Church of Christ.

Section B is responsible for oversight of ministers and local churches and maintaining connection and relationship with them.

Section N is responsible for the work of Sections A & B in Southern Nevada.